About Us

3DS Net, Inc. (3DS) is a global provider of technical solutions and services to the process and power industries. With more than 30 years of experience in plant design, 3DS provides OrthoGen, a powerful tool that optimizes orthographic drawing production workflows and accelerates productivity and enables customers to effectively complete 3D projects of any size and scope.
Our products, OrthoGen® and iOrthoGen®, provide engineers and designers with accurate orthographic engineering drawings for pin-point identification and locations of plant objects. OrthoGen® and iOrthoGen® work with CADWorx®, PDS® and S3D® models at various stages in a project life cycle such as in the design office, construction site, or module shop. Our tools provide flexible solutions and are the preferred choice for many of our customers and business partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

For more information on OrthoGen® and iOrthoGen® or for purchase inquiries, please visit our contact us page.